My Journey to Woof Joy


Our trainer came faithfully every week. My cousin and I tried to practice but something didn’t feel right to our nine and twelve year old brains. The choke chains and cans filled with rocks to deter barking stayed around for the rest of their lives. We didn’t make a clear decision to stop yanking, choking and pinning our dogs to the ground. The can of rocks didn’t stop the barking. We assumed that we failed and the dogs were wild. Now I realize how lucky we were. The dogs had every right to bite us. But they didn’t. Dolittle and Mindy were examples of how generous, forgiving and tolerant dogs can be.


Today I share my life with Jackson. He is a bright, loving mutt with the heart of a puppy in a 13 year old body. I completed an internship with a local trainer and canine behavior specialist learning to apply science to training. Through ongoing continuing education my expertise has grown to include age specific, calming, clicker training and handling techniques. Currently I am a volunteer trainer for Pets for Vets as well as working with local rescues.

Training Philosophy

Training should be enjoyable for the dog and humans. My goal is to help you and your dog build a strong relationship through communication and understanding. Training plans only work if you can work with them. Every session is an opportunity to revise and adapt to your lifestyle and your dog’s needs. If you need more time to practice or if your dog is taking longer than expected to learn something we can find other ways to accomplish our goals. No pain, lots of gain! Use of choke chains, shock collars, electric fencing, physical punishment and other inhumane methods are not acceptable.